About Marj

Hi, there. Thanks for this E-visit! Truth be told, I resist all communications E that are better served by a real-time, back-and-forth exchange. I’d much rather meet you at a party with great snacks, talk across a table over a hot cuppa joe. And as the second-born of identical twins, last-minute news to my parents on my birth date, I remain low-key when it comes to announcing myself. Please browse these pages to find out what I do, what I dream to do, and what I might be able to do for you.


Meet My Peeps

The Avocado Sisterhood

Boulder Center for Conscious Community 

Matrix Leadership Institute

Paula Scardamalia, writer, teacher, dreamworker, and weaver

Zita Christian, writer, teacher, life-cycle celebrant

Suzanne Whitby, creative director, interculturalist, storyteller

J. Tamar Stone, creator of the Body Dialogue Process and Selves in a Box

Maureen Murdock, writer, teacher, and photographer

Photo by Gerald Toler

There is a world inside each of us that we know better than anything else, and a world outside of us that calls for our attention. Our subject matter is always right with us. The trick is to find out what we know, challenge what we know, own what we know, and then give it away in language.
— Martha Graham