Atomic Circus

Atomic Circus

Photo by Marj Hahne

Where questions are fun, and fun is the matter —
with Marj, your quantum ringmistress

Atomic Circus is an inquiry-based salon series whereby guest presenters and audience members holistically explore topics bridging the arts, humanities, sciences, social entrepreneurship, and

Atomic Circus is not for you if you:

  • prefer panel presenters who read prepared remarks.
  • admire opinion-mongers who hijack Q&As.
  • like to slip in and out of a room quietly.

Atomic Circus is for you if you:

  • like questions more than answers.
  • have an agile mind and love to play.
  • want to bust up your brain’s M.O.

Third Thursdays, 7:00–9:00ish PM, at Boulder Center for Conscious Living (see map)

November 18: BodySpeak: Listening to Your First Teacher
featuring four fully embodied folks:

Anne Rojo, Hellerwork and Continuum practitioner
Tamar Stone, psychotherapist and creator of Body Dialogue
Kirsten Wilson, writer and performance artist
John Hamilton, distance runner and athletic director/coach

Atomic love donation (suggested: $5). FREE wine & animal crackers.

Photo by Marj Hahne


January 21:  By Word, Limb, Note, or Frame: Living in the Creative Moment
John Brehm, poet
BK Loren, novelist
Robert McWilliams, dancer
Stewart Erlich, musician
Joan Anderson, painter

February 18:  By Chart, Card, Coin, or Zzzzzz: Living in the Symbolic Moment
Kate McElroy, Western astrologer
Deb Naples, tarot reader
Laura Marshall, I-Ching reader
Thea Litsios, dream worker

March 18: The Tao of Oddball Arts
Tim Murray, balloon sculptor
Gregg Tobo, magician
Valerie Morris, aerial dancer and stiltwalker
Sven Jorgensen
, juggler

Painting by Priscilla Cohan / Photo by Marj Hahne

April 15:  Water, Water Everywhere
[in partnership with Colorado Art Ranch] Greg Hobbs, Colorado Supreme Court justice, former water lawyer, and author of Colorado, Mother of Rivers: Water Poems
Greg Cortopassi, underwater photographer
Zia Parker, founder/trainer of Agua Alma, warm-water aquatic body therapy
Ross Thomas, president and CEO of Syntrotek Corporation, researcher and manufacturer of water-analysis products

May 20:  Good Taste 
Michael deBoer, chef
Stephen Shern, food stylist
Allan Parr, food writer
Ricardo Olivas, food scientist

September 16:  Artist as Storyteller
Jan Autrey, photographer
Dana Elkun, poet
Faye Nepon, musician
Annabel Reader, dancer

October 21:  Jump! Everything Moves All the Time
John Calderazzo, CSU writing professor and co-founder/co-director of Changing Climates program
Brian Jones, CSU physics prof and director of Little Shop of Physics
Amina Knowlan, founder of Matrix Leadership Institute and Fully Embodied Woman
Dave Taylor, tech industry guru

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