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COMING Fall 2022: 6-session POET SALON with 6-session critique-group add-on.

“I truly love your manner with the students. I particularly admire the way you help them find ways to not settle for the easy response, but to look inside to connect to something meaningful.”

NOTE: For instructional fee-based webinars, each session’s replay video will be emailed within 24 hours post-session and be available for viewing and reviewing for 6 months, so you won’t miss anything if you can’t attend “live.” This also means you can register for an in-progress webinar.

  • POEMADE: How to Make a Poem from Scratch

When:  8 Wednesdays, May 11, 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
2:00–4:00 PM (Eastern) / 11:00 AM–1:00 PM (Pacific)

Cost:  $199

Consider this: A poem is a body of words, not a body of thoughts and feelings. Yes, our thoughts and feelings and experiences may catalyze our poems, but how we choreograph our words, how we make meaning (versus what our words say or mean), is what moves a poem from self-expression to literary art. How do we make such poems, textual/subtextual bodies that enact and transform experience (rather than report or describe it) so that discovery or rediscovery is possible for both writer and reader?

We create them from the inside-out, which requires relating to language primarily as material, as our artistic medium, and secondarily as meaning. In this 8-session webinar, we will examine, with complexity and rigor, some key ingredients that make a poem poetry, devoting one session each to word choice, sound, form, relationships among parts, idea movement, shifts, point-of-view, and global integrity—each of which comprises multiple considerations. This webinar is beefy!

POEMADE is for you if you’re seeking:

  • a breakthrough in, or jumpstart to, your poem-making
  • practical, immediately applicable craft strategies for drafting and revising
  • a structure for learning and practicing in digestible pieces
  • fresh distinctions for interrogating and illuminating your poems at the revision stage
  • reliable self-assessment (that a critique group may not provide)

Each session will close with an exercise to practice the session’s ingredient over the following week.


If you missed any iterations of the hybrid-arts series that ran from January through June 2021 (“Cross My Heart and Hope to Fly: What Can Writers Learn from the Other Arts?” and “RE: RE: RE: Practice, Process, Product”), you can grab these video learnings now, by the month or the bundle, and explore, at your own pacing, these focused, meaty inquiries that will serve your writing, from conception to execution. 

Each one-hour session provides:

  • One or more brief samples of nonliterary artforms.
  • A group discussion about what those samples can teach us about artistic conceptualization, craft, and presentation.
  • Sample writings demonstrating those concepts.
  • One or more writing challenges applying those concepts.

CHOOSE your learning by the MONTH or BUNDLE:

By the month:  $22/month  ($5.50 per one hour of inquiry & instruction)
By the bundle:  If you prefer to pick-and-choose from among the month-by-month sessions outlined below, simply choose one or more bundle options:

  • any 1 session:  $10
  • any 2 sessions:  $18  ($9/session)
  • any 3 sessions:  $24  ($8/session)
  • any 4 sessions:  $30  ($7.50/session)


  1. Photography:  Form Serving Content / Rule of Thirds
  2. Music:  Embodiment / Charging Meaning
  3. Comedy:  Word Choice & Scene-Setting
  4. Painting:  Making the Familiar Unfamiliar


  1. Film:  Imagery & Metaphor / Pacing
  2. Cartoon-Drawing:  Composition & Sequencing
  3. Photography:  Point of View & Psychological Distance
  4. Songwriting:  Scaffolding /Associating


  1. Photography:  Frame Within a Frame
  2. Poetry/Music/Comedy:  Listening
  3. Cartoon-Drawing/Painting/Comedy/Poetry: Knowing What to Put In & What to Leave Out
  4. Film:  Inessential vs. Essential Mystery


  1. Photography:  Symmetry & Asymmetry / Balance & Tension
  2. Sculpture:  Material & Shape
  3. Music / Film Score:  Tension Through Music
  4. Cartoon-Drawing/Comedy/Painting:  Subversion
    (via Comfort/Familiarity/Clichés)


  1. Photography/Painting/Film:  Micro/Macro & Abstraction (Close & Faraway)
  2. Photography:  Negative Space
  3. Painting/Music/Dance:  Medium/Components vs. Subject/Experience/“(Un)Reality”
  4. Photography/Painting/Music:  Affirmation vs. Astonishment (Note: This session will be more meaningful if considered in relation to the #3 content.)

TO PURCHASE by the month or the bundle:

  1. Go to:  paypal.me/MarjHahne 
  2. Click “Send”. 
  3. Insert the total cost of your month(s) ($22 per month) OR your bundle(s).
  4. In the “Add a note” section, indicate which month(s) you want (e.g., January, June) OR which sessions you want by month and number (e.g., February #2, May #4, June #3).
  5. Once I receive PayPal’s e-notification, I will email you each session’s replay video and materials.