Editor | Writer | Poet | Teacher | Coach

You love language. 
You love what it makes: sounds, textures, images.
You love how it captures, renews, inspires.

I’ve been writing since first grade.
I’ve been editing and teaching writing since 2001.
I’m a b!#&% for good writing!

Let’s fire up your words.


In these fast-paced, inquiry-based online workshops, you will generate poetry and prose that you didn’t know you had in you.


Good writing is both art and craft, communication and inspiration. Whether a book or a research paper, website copy or corporate communications, your language will be upgraded so that you look goooood.


You will get a tailored package of writing instruction, critique, and editing to help you realize your literary goals.

FYI: I write story-based content for businesses and nonprofit organizations on a limited basis. If you need a writer for an article or an email campaign, please tell me more via the contact form.