It is not enough that a sentence be capable of being understood. A good sentence
must be incapable of being misunderstood even on a first reading.
— Kellogg W. Hunt, “Improving Sentence Structure” (1958),
in Readings in Applied English Linguistics 375, 376 (Harold Byron Allen ed., 2nd ed., 1964)

The primary aim, in clearness especially, as well as in other requisites of good style,
is that of economizing the reader’s attention.
 — J. Scott Clark, A Practical Rhetoric 47 (1886)

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I confess I’m your annoying friend who points out typos in menus, your 9th-grade English teacher who diagrammed sentences for fun, the grammar
purist who believes our declining language use forebodes the apocalypse.

(The last one is only sorta true, but every civilization does need its nitpickers.)

Let me work your words!

My Word-Working Services*:

Line & Copy Editing: making corrections to or recommendations for language consistency, precision, structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, while maintaining the integrity of the author’s style, voice, and intention

Proofreading: correcting typographical and typesetting errors after the design/layout stage

Writing/Rewriting: creating text from the vision/ideas stage; revising already drafted text

*I prefer to bill hourly but will consider per-project rates and your budgetary constraints, as I want our work together to be a win-win.

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Photo by Marj Hahne

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